Health Compass Wellness Program

Hello fellow ER Chamber member:

 We are very excited to officially announce a partnership between the East Rochester Chamber of Commerce and Health Compass, Inc. Health Compass is a Wellness firm that specializes in helping both businesses and their employees in several ways. Health Compass is based out of Henrietta, N.Y. They are a national Wellness and SIMERP/WIMPER carrier and work with businesses, government organizations, and non-profits across the country. Several members of the East Rochester Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors currently employ Health Compass in their organizations and can speak to the depth of benefit that they provide, including The Town/Village of East Rochester and Glass Elegance. 

Health Compass provides several resources for employers and their employees. To begin, they provide a participatory wellness program for all individual W2 employees of an organization that choose to participate in the program. The features of this program include UNLIMITED, $0 Copay, NO Insurance claim, tele-health services for an employee and their entire family. Participants have access to 650 certified physicians and clinicians for both medical and mental health needs. There is also access to health assessments, lifestyle benefits, and significant prescription discounts. 

 For their participation in this program employees see an average of $150 a month or $1800 a year that they can use towards wellness benefits, in addition to the wellness program, such as voluntary insurance benefits(life insurance, disability, dental etc.) and/or retirement contributions. Employers enjoy on average of $500 per employee in revenue growth in the form of FICA tax savings. To give an example a business that has 10 employees would see a benefits increase of $18,000 for their employees, that does NOT show as a loss in their take home pay. This same 10-person business would also see a revenue increase annually of $5000 in the form of the FICA tax savings. 
If you would like to set up an informational meeting to learn more about Health Compass and the program used to help local and national businesses, you can reach out to either: Joe Cavallaro / President @ Century Enrollment & Benefit Services: 585-615-5359 or or Matt Syfrett / VP of Operations @ Health Compass: 585-506-7717 or
We will also be setting up informational webinars for members and someone will be reaching out to set up informational meetings for our members.


 Joe Cavallaro and  Matt Syfrett

For more information, please review the following documents: